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Brown addresses age questions with fitness display
March 3, 2010 |  5:11 pm

Jerry Brown would be 72 when he became governor again, should he win in November, and on the day after entering the race, he tried to settle questions about his age with a display of physical prowess.

State takes aim at 'risks' of Twitter, bans Facebook friends
February 26, 2010 | 3:55 pm

The Internet can be a wild place, with all the damage one can do from an office cubicle on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like.

Conservative group says Whitman, unlike Schwarzenegger, would not insult adversaries
February 23, 2010 |  3:11 pm

Once upon a time, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn. gave its approval to another first-time Republican politician running as a fiscal conservative, one by the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger. But that was a long time ago, its president Jon Coupal made clear Tuesday.

"I don't think Meg is going to be the kind of person that is publicly going to be calling these [state legislators] girlie men or otherwise being dismissive or doing something over the top of a Hollywood nature," Coupal said.

Schwarzenegger: Fellow GOPers 'say no to everything,' but they should support the president
February 21, 2010 |  1:02 pm

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger this morning criticized fellow Republicans for being hypocritical when they trample on the federal stimulus program, and he dismissed the "tea party" movement as "just an expression of anger and dissatisfaction."

Schwarzenegger: In lieutenant governor sequel, Maldonado may win gold
February 16, 2010 |  3:39 pm

The Democratic-controlled Assembly last week did not confirm the Republican Maldonado after several rounds of voting. The governor called that "hyperpartisan politics at its worst." Why should this time be different?

"I'm a big believer that sequels can be better than the original," Schwarzenegger said. "We've seen it now...over and over. T2…Get the DVD, you will see."

Whitman disavows "proud racist" councilman
January 29, 2010 |  3:32 pm

A Santa Clarita councilman has declared that he is a “proud racist.” But Meg Whitman, a Republican candidate for governor, is apparently not proud to have his endorsement.


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